FAA Now Has A New System For Identifying and Tracking Drones Remotely

FAA Now Has A New System For Identifying and Tracking Drones Remotely


The Federal Aviation Administration is planning to bring a few changes to how drones are allowed for public and private use, by introducing a new system. This new system would be used to track and identify drones and other Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that are being used. Through this system, a lot of agencies including a bunch of law enforcement tech models would have access to a platform that provides a comprehensive view of what’s on the sky. Considering that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles has increased in the past decade, the actions from FAA seems perfectly timed.

This is also the FAA’s response to the argument that the agency is moving so slow that commercial industry is not able to make the best use of drones. When this system is implemented, law enforcement would have some control and it would become easier for the likes of Amazon to use their drones for product delivery and other services. Currently, the concern is that there is no way to track the realtime status of these drones, thereby increasing the potential chances of the vehicles used for malicious activities. This FAA decision can change all that.

Once implemented, the new system would create a realtime database of the drones in the sky. Since device makers would be asked to comply with the system, it would be easy to track almost every vehicle on the sky. More importantly, at any given time, the statistics can be brought down to the screen, and this is a relief as far as crime prevention is concerned. There are some technical aspects toward privacy involved in the whole process. Creating a session ID would be one of the options, since this is better than showing the actual serial number of the drone.

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