Flu has started early due to an unpredicted virus

Flu has started early due to an unpredicted virus


The influenza virus is spreading across as it is not the regular virus that is going to hit during the spring season. The winter flu season in the US has started much earlier than its actual time every year, i.e., it has started early in the last 15 years. The virus has begun to spread across the South at a faster pace. The last time was from 2003 to 2004 when the flu started early. The experts state that the early start of flu indicates that many people are going to fall prey to it. However, many others stated that it is too early to predict its consequences. The sufferings depend on the type of virus spread.

There is no prediction on whether the severity would be moderate or acute as per Scott Epperson. He is the one who tracks illnesses like flu in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The good news is that this virus would not cause disease in older people. The flu cases and deaths would be high in older people, but this virus would not have a higher impact on older people. This virus could spread in children and people below 50 years of age. Louisiana is the first State to fall prey to this virus as there is the highest number of flu cases been registered last October in this State. Children hospital in New Orleans has already seen the rise in the flu cases this year compared to the previous winter. It is stated by Dr. Toni Gross, who is the hospital chief. Last month the busiest time for the doctors in the emergency department.

The doctors are doing extra shifts to treat people prone to flu. The symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea would make patients take bed rest for at least a week. There are no severe complications and deaths. The patients are visiting the doctors in the US for getting treated on the flu. It was estimated that there are around 1.7 million flu illnesses, out of which 16,000 got hospitalized, and 900 were dead due to influenza. The intensity of flu is high from Texas to Georgia. As per the new number, the flu spread to 12 states. In the last two flu season, the vaccine did not perform well. It would be too early to predict how the vaccine would perform this time.

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