5 major differences between GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Vice City


GTA Vice City has one of the best storylines in any Grand Theft Auto game to date. Rockstar Games released its prequel, GTA Vice City Stories, four years later in 2006.

Both titles have been praised for their gripping stories and character lineups. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City focuses on Tommy Vercetti’s rise in the mafia world.

As the game progresses, Tommy encounters Vice City Stories protagonist Victor “Vic” Vance in a mission called “In the Beginning…”.

The destinies of the two protagonists are linked in the two titles. Despite the connection, there are major contrasts between GTA VC and VC Stories. This article breaks down the crucial differences between them.

Five important distinctions between GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories

1) History

If there’s one major difference between the two GTA games that really adds up, it’s the storylines. As mentioned above in the article, the fates of the two protagonists are intertwined and have a major influence on their respective lives.

Tommy Vercetti begins in Vice City to conquer the mafia world with skill, respect and power. Victor Vance, however, has a different motivation for doing what he does. It’s to save money for the treatment of Pete Vance, his sick brother.

Tommy is a ruthless character who will do anything to get what he wants and can handle unwanted situations, while Victor has a more sympathetic element to his personality, but often finds himself in uncontrollable situations in the game.

2) Play golf

GTA Vice City Stories features a set of side missions called Hidden Packages, where players must find and collect packages scattered around an area.

The in-game Leaf Links Golf Course is one of the sites for these hidden packages. It is also used to do a fun side activity called Swingers’ Club that players cannot do in Vice City where golf can be played. It can be unlocked after completing the “Home’s on the Range” mission.

Upon completion of the side activity, players receive a $1,000 reward. They can play golf again, but will no longer receive rewards.

3) Map

GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories feature stunning and detailed maps that create an immersive and somewhat realistic gaming experience for players. Comparing the two games, some buildings and sites differ in structure and design.

In VC Stories, a trailer park can be discovered near Sunshine Autos which is not in VC. Additionally, the popular Diaz Estate is still under construction in the prequel, which is a very minor detail that Rockstar Games surprisingly put into it.

Another major difference on the map was the status of Fort Baxter. In Victor Vance’s storyline, he was a former military man who was kicked out of the military due to a frame-up against him. In the two-year gap between the events of VC and VC Stories, Fort Baxter is converted from a US Army operations base to an air reserve.

4) Music

Of all Rockstar Games’ GTA titles, Vice City is probably the most famous in terms of soundtrack and music. Vice City Stories also features the same soundtrack used in its sequel years before its release.

Famous artists like Foreigner, Toto, and A Flock of Seagulls were featured in the game’s soundtrack, with no distinction of tracks between games. However, no songs are repeated between them, which creates a unique and fresh listening experience for players.

5) Swimming ability

Swimming is a very important feature in GTA games as it creates more opportunities, missions and challenges for players.

Grand Theft Auto VC got some laughs because Tommy can’t swim in the game. Although, in VC Stories, protagonist Victor Vance can easily swim and even sprint through water with modeled swimming motions.

The developers also added sound effects when he is stationary and moving through water. There is a catch, however. Unfortunately, Victor cannot dive underwater.

These differences between game titles create an entirely different gaming experience for players. While each has their own merits and demerits, both GTA titles are commendable and worth celebrating.

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