Resident Evil 4 Remake adds microtransactions

Capcom The reviews have been stellar, sales have been strong, and now after spending a few weeks in the wild, Capcom has decided to continue monetizing its Resident Evil 4 remake. Microtransactions have now been added to the game, allowing players to pay extra to upgrade their weapons faster. The supplement came with a free … Read more

Leon Actor Reads Cheesy Resident Evil 4 Quotes – IGN

Leon Actor Reading Cheesy Resident Evil 4 QuotesIGN Resident Evil 4 fans share their favorite overlooked details added in the remakeThe player RE4 Remake Easter Egg completely changes a character’s backstoryscreen rant Resident Evil 4 Remake almost dropped one of Leon’s best linesGameRant These Resident Evil 4 Remake fans are letting Leon get hurt so … Read more

Top CD prices today April 7th

After holding its rate crown for more than a month, the country’s highest-paying CD dropped its market-leading rate today. But the news isn’t all bad, as a new competitor has stepped into the void, offering the same top price, albeit with a slightly shorter duration. So the maximum rate for each CD is currently 5.50% … Read more

Burglars broke through a wall to rob an Apple store in the Seattle area

According to reports, burglars in a Seattle suburb last Sunday pulled off a brazen heist, digging a tunnel through the bathroom wall of a coffee maker store before sneaking into a neighboring Apple Store and stealing about $500,000 worth of merchandise. The robbery included 436 iPhones, according to the Lynnwood Police Department announced Wednesday that … Read more

Baidu is suing app developer Apple over fake Ernie bot apps

SHANGHAI, April 8 (Reuters) – Chinese search giant Baidu (9888.HK) has filed lawsuits against “relevant” app developers and Apple Inc (AAPL.O) over fake copies of its Ernie bot app published on the App Store are available from Apple. The company’s artificial intelligence-based Ernie bot, launched last month, has been touted as China’s closest answer to … Read more

Wall Street Week Ahead US inflation data to test the market’s bets on future Fed easing

NEW YORK, April 7 (Reuters) – A closely watched US inflation report next week could help clarify one of Wall Street’s most pressing questions: whether the market has correctly set the short-term interest rate path. After last month’s banking crisis, investors have become more confident that the US Federal Reserve will cut interest rates in … Read more

Main Stage at Dreamhack San Diego 2023 Featuring GameSpot, Giantbomb and Fandom | Day 1 – GameSpot

Main Stage at Dreamhack San Diego 2023 Featuring GameSpot, Giantbomb and Fandom | day 1GameSpot DreamHack San Diego 2023 Live Stream feat. Mono, NYChrisG, JB, Axe, aMSa, Larry Lurr, RayRay, Cloud805, Mr. E, Lui$, Dark WizzyEventHubs DreamHack San Diego: Counter-Strike 2, Mario’s Mom, and Everything Else You Need to KnowGameSpot The San Diego DreamHack Convention … Read more

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