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Following a new NVIDIA driver update, the floodgates have opened on speculation of a sequel or update to 2012’s Counter-Strike. But is CSGO 2 real? And if there was a Counter-Strike 2, what would change? Here’s what we know so far.

CS:GO has had a handful of major updates over its decade-long history, but nothing like a true sequel. Over that time, player numbers have grown year on year, thanks to the strong core mechanics, popular esports scene, and a thriving digital economy of in-game items.

For all these reasons, a “sequel” never seemed likely – why would Valve release a new version of such a successful and growing game? But, nevertheless, when ‘CS:GO 2’ executable files were found in an NVIDIA driver update, the rumors came to a head.

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Now, a report from Richard Lewis has all but confirmed the release of a Counter-Strike 2 beta.

But what exactly will CS:GO 2 look like? Valve would be foolish to kill existing CS:GO, due to the millions if not billions of value held in the skin economy. The engine may be outdated, but players have trained for thousands of hours to get good at it. There are a lot of things to consider for Valve.

CS:GO 2: Source Engine 2?

The most obvious change for any new version of Counter-Strike would be an upgrade to the Source 2 engine. CS:GO currently runs on the original Source engine, which, although updated over time, dates back to 2004.

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This is very unlikely to be a “new game” – rather it will just be CS:GO as we know it, but using the Source 2 engine. Consider this an update major of the existing game.

Source 2 is the latest iteration of Valve’s engine, released in 2014, and is already used for Dota2, Artifact, Dota Underlords, and Half-Life: Alyx.

csgo map updateValve

CS:GO is updated very infrequently, with new maps and minor weapon tweaks, but the number of players continues to grow.

CS:GO has yet to be upgraded to the Source 2 engine, and Valve has so far avoided any official confirmation.

But, on March 5, veteran esports journalist Richard Lewis reported that the Source 2 version of CS:GO will be released the same month and will feature 128 tick servers and an improved matchmaking system.

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The new engine will also improve graphical fidelity and optimization.

As for the maps, countless leaks and data mining have shown that Valve is working on a Source 2 version of the maps, tested as early as 2020.

In July 2022, leaks confirmed the list of maps that had Source 2 versions so far: Shoots, Inferno, Lake, Overpass, Shortdust, Italy.

What exactly Source 2 would do is unclear. Valve couldn’t risk changing Counter-Strike’s core gameplay too much, but visual and technical improvements are on the cards.

On March 7, 2023, references to CS:GO in Source 2 were found in a recent Dota 2 update. It was found in the game’s code, showing maps, player models, cases and sprays added to source 2.

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Although not concrete proof, it does show the existence of a CS:GO port in Source 2 made by Valve. And until official confirmation, this is the best proof we have yet.

Will skins be removed with CS:GO 2?

No, skins, knives, stickers and other CS:GO game items will not be deleted. The CS:GO economy is an incredibly important aspect of Valve’s business model, and removing these elements, or not transferring them to a new version of the game, would destroy millions of dollars in value, as well as player trust.

csgo ak skinValve / Lukusbums

CS:GO skins have continued to rise in price – this AK-47 is on sale for $400,000.

It is estimated that approximately 30 million CS:GO cases were opened in February 2023, which represents incredible revenue each month for Valve. Players are prone to opening crates due to the potential value of the items inside.

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However, while Valve would certainly strive to keep the skin economy intact, Source 2 may allow skin creators more creative freedom, to create more complex designs, textures and pattern patterns. than currently possible.

When will the CS:GO Source 2 update be released?

Counter-Strike 2 is set to release in March 2023 with a beta version, according to Lewis’s report. At the latest, the beta will be released on April 1 (not an April Fool’s joke).

On March 6, when the new Dota2 update went live on Steam, it also included various CS:GO channels, spotted via the Steam database tracker SteamDB.

Another CS:GO update tracker on Twitter, Aquarius, recapped the update, confirming what it means: “CS:GO Source 2 can drop ANY day now. This will be an opt-in DLC. in free that will be available to anyone who wants to participate in beta testing. It’s real and it’s happening.

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Trademarks only for “Counter-Strike” also indicated that “Global Offensive” could be dropped from the name. It also sparked rumors that the ‘terrorist’ and ‘counter-terrorist’ faction names might be changed, to soften the language.

For now, the ever-popular CS:GO continues to hit new player count records in 2023, more than ten years after its release, and that’s without any major updates. Valve doesn’t need to be in a hurry to release a CS:GO 2.

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