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Jacksonville, July 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jacksonville, Florida –
MECLABS, a Jacksonville, FL based research institute, is pleased to announce the launch of their free digital marketing course. The groundbreaking course was created by Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, and it represents the culmination of a 20-year research project — the goal of which is to combine deep discoveries in psychology with state of the art learning. The free digital marketing course by MECLABS is available now on their website. The course includes ‘fastclass’ videos, thinking tools, quizes and retention exercises, all of which work seamlessly together to provide an unmatched learning experience. The back up all courses with regular live interactive sessions with Flint McGlaughlin and his staff.

“Marketers need a new, more accurate paradigm,” Flint says. “They need to see with Kuhn’s “inverting lenses.” More to the point, we need to see the funnel in a new way – the funnel must be inverted. With this new perspective, we can better fathom the nature of our work. The marketer must defy the law of gravity. We must overcome the organic resistance in the marketplace. More people are falling out than are flowing in (and thus up). And those moving up (toward the narrow end) do so in steps, in micro-decisions. Moreover, they do not move up the center; they move up the sides, with each side representing a sale path. The funnel is the message; it is constructed from micro-offers. Progress is dependent on a micro-yes at each of these many junctures. It takes a long unbroken sequence of micro-yes(s) to achieve a macro-yes (the sale), but it takes just a single ‘no’ to undo every single ‘yes.’”

The first session teaches how anyone can transform their career and life as a marketer or entrepreneur with meaning and purpose. It explains how they can escape the daily grind and bring meaning and purpose to their work. As CEO and Managing Director of MECLABS, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin answers all the questions that entrepreneurs might have about the process of becoming a master at creating and optimizing online marketing campaigns. All of the methods laid out in this session and the ones after are based on the extensive research conducted by MECLABS over the years.

MECLABS is dedicated to using the internet as a laboratory to gain an understanding of the factors that influence the choices that humans make. The organization strives to develop robust partnerships with leading businesses and universities to perform research that validates and updates their library of insights.

The MECLABS institute has a long and rich history dating back to the 1990s. As they proudly share on their website, “From the beginning, Flint McGlaughlin, founder of what eventually came to be known as MECLABS, had an interest in and passion for the philosophy of human choice, experimental design and the cognitive psychology of conversion. With the increasing growth and adoption of the World Wide Web, McGlaughlin identified a living laboratory in the 1990s through which he could conduct experiments in these fields and better understand human choice. In 2000, McGlaughlin began to formalize this online research by founding MECLABS, to conduct real-world behavioral experimentation, and Marketing Experiments, to publish the discoveries from this research to marketers and business leaders around the world.”

Beginning in 2001, MECLABS started forming direct research partnerships throughout Europe and North America to conduct research with companies facing real challenges and situations involving customers having to make real choices as opposed to hypothetical ones. They began working with Cambridge University in 2007, when Dr. McGlaughlin accepted an academic position as the Director of Enterprise Research. Several acquisitions and a patent later, MECLABS now operates out of its central campus in Jacksonville, Florida — and the institute is at the head of many developments in the world of research.

MECLABS’s methodology is one of the reasons why they have been so successful in their field. They state, “MECLABS is a science lab with a consultancy. We built the first research program to conduct rigorous experiments in the new science of optimization. Our discoveries help leaders optimize the financial performance of their sales and marketing programs. MECLABS gains this knowledge by utilizing the scientific method to create real-world experiments and then extracting successful principles based on the data generated by this experimentation. To ensure a consistently high level of scientific rigor in this experimentation, MECLABS research analysts and data scientists employ a uniform test protocol and series of heuristics to help analyze real-world data and create new single factor and multifactor tests that can reveal further discoveries.”

For more information, visit the MECLABS LinkedIn page. The team can also be reached via phone or email.
For more information about MECLABS, contact the company here:

Flint McGlaughlin
(904) 813-7000
4651 Salisbury Road
Suite 400
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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