Resident Evil 4 Remake adds microtransactions


The reviews have been stellar, sales have been strong, and now after spending a few weeks in the wild, Capcom has decided to continue monetizing its Resident Evil 4 remake.

Microtransactions have now been added to the game, allowing players to pay extra to upgrade their weapons faster. The supplement came with a free Mercenaries mode DLC that was recently added to the game, accompanied by eleven new paid DLC pieces dubbed “Exclusive Upgrade Tickets”.

Each “Ticket” can be redeemed in the retailer’s shop, allowing players to speed up the upgrade process. In the regular game, you must max out a weapon’s upgrades before purchasing the exclusive upgrade.

Bringing one of these tickets to the vendor gives you instant access to an exclusive weapon upgrade at any time during gameplay, and it’s free (in-game the cost usually ranges from 60,000 to 100,000 pesetas).

Each ticket costs $2.99, but there are a number of multipacks that allow players to purchase three or five tickets at a discount. VGC found that if players bought everything, they would receive 23 upgrade tickets for a total cost of $55.89.

Prior to release, there was no indication from Capcom that microtransactions would be added to the game, which has sold four million copies across all platforms in its first two weeks.

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