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by: Tyler Melito
by: Tyler Melito
LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – It is crazy to think how far we have come with technology in just the last five years.
From fridges telling you how much food you have left, to enhanced medical care, things are only going to get even more impressive over the next year.
Experts said there are two big trends in technology in 2023.
“You’re starting to see, you know, when you’re interacting with people online, even making a restaurant reservation,” said University of Kentucky’s Chief Technology Officer Adam Recktenwald.
Recktenwald said the first main advancement comes in the form of artificial intelligence.
“A lot of those types of services are just much more improved with artificial intelligence,” Recktenwald explained.
Don’t worry though, we are not talking about the terminator or some science fiction movie.
“This is like Alexa, right? You talk to Alexa, you have a name for her that’s a human name, you know, and you and you talk to her and ask her questions,” Recktenwald described.
He projects that AI will sound a lot more humanlike in the new year.
“It’s the same with Siri,” Recktenwald said. “And other technologies where you’re their natural language kind of systems.”
The second Big Tech trend for 2023 is augmented reality.
“Pieces and parts of your vision are augmented, you know, added to and so and it doesn’t have to be a goggle,” detailed Recktenwald. “You know, you see some augmented reality apps on your phone.”
Which Recktenwald said could make your daily life a heck of a lot easier.
“I saw recently in a demo where it was able to look at a really messy area and say, well, there’s your keys. So, you know, right there in the side of the couch.”
Many of us worry about how to keep our personal information private in our advanced technological world.
With almost every site, chances are you have some form of account linked with an email or phone number, protected by a password.
Recktenwald recommends three things:
That final tip is arguably the biggest piece of advice of them all.
“Know who you’re sharing it with,” Recktenwald said. “And this is critical. You know, if you don’t if you’ve not met them, you don’t know them. And so, if it’s somebody that is asking questions that sound like they might, you know, you or whatnot, but you haven’t met them, you don’t know them.”
Reports show the United States ranks third in the world in active Internet users with more than 313 million.
This is why part of the concerns experts have stemmed from our usage.
Recktenwald advises we take more time to unplug from our devices in 2023 as the average American spends more than five hours daily on their phone.
That concern pales in comparison to the greater concern Recktenwald and fellow experts have for the new year.
“With the war in Ukraine, we see the news pictures of, you know, smoldering tanks and cities,” Recktenwald said. “But behind the scenes, there’s a major cyber war happening as well. And we have to. And what is that? What that really is doing is making the overall environment, the overall Internet environment a more dangerous place.”
Now there is no need to panic right now in terms of technological war, but it is something that could pose a threat.
Looking to the future though, beyond 2023, there are a lot of things to look forward to.
One of which is the advancement of self-driving cars.
Recktenwald said more and more car manufacturers are working on enhancing that technology with more and more tests coming throughout 2023.
He believes we all could be sitting in the driver’s seat, without a hand on the wheel before we know it.
“This is something this is not going to be science fiction in five or 10 years,” Recktenwald said. “You are going to see a lot more options from every car manufacturer for taking off or taking off some of that driving load.”

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