Zodiac signs and their planetsZodiac signs and their planets

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Arjun Gupta


APRIL 07, 2023

Zodiac signs and their planets

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Aries is driven by intense passion and energy. They are ruled by the planet of Mars known for its drive, sex, determination, and energy


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As a planet of love, beauty, and money, Venus helps Taurus in being stable and lucky in terms of love and money


Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is known to be a planet of communication

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The emotional and empathic Cancer is comes under the Moon which grants them their sensitive and gentle nature

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Fearless Leo is ruled by the Sun which is known for its power and vitality

The planet of expansion and growth, Jupiter gives Sagittarius a lot of stability and an optimistic view of life

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Saturn helps Capricorn in being ambitious and having a curious perspective

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Uranus rules Aquarius along with Saturn. Both of their energies blend and give Aquarius their unique demeanour 

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The planet of passion and war, Mars and the planet of power and rebirth, Pluto, both rule Scorpio

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Spiritual Neptune and mighty Jupiter co-rule the sensitive Pisces

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