Zodiac Signs Who Exude Negative Energya

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Arpita Sarkar 


APRIL 06, 2023

Zodiac Signs Who Exude Negative Energy

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Capricorn natives are high on scrambling dirt onto others because of their pessimistic ooze towards life


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Because of their penchant to stay on the mystical and imaginative grounds, Pisceans are most likely to disconnect from the outside world and make bare minimum interactions with others


Scorpions are not very expressive of their emotions and tend to make bogus scenarios in their head, which is the most vital reason for the negativity

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Cancer’s cynical oomph is the result of their profound and intense state of sentiments. Because of the nature to position others directly above themselves, they are more prone to burnout and by no means happy with themselves

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Virgos tend to be self-critical, but when they're in a negative energy cycle, their critical eye can be focused on other people as well as themselves

When Taurus gets in a negative energy cycle, they tend to pass it off as being realistic and seeing things as they are

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Geminis tend to get overly anxious about any important event of their life and this is the reason that they aren't able to perform their best under pressure

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Leos are known to be prone to jealousy and possessiveness

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Librans crave attention and will get upset if they are ignored. They are prone to taking extreme measures just to be the centre of attraction and this trait doesn't really serve them well

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On the negative side, they are prone to be misunderstood by others because of their impatience and haste in conversation

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